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September 08, 2006



Stick to your guns girl, I'm right there with you! The other day I was shopping with Jessica and she went into Claire's Accessories armed with her money and lured by the "Any 5 sale items for £5" sign. So she selected her five sale items and took them to the till where they charged her £12. It was at that point that I stepped up and queried the charge and the sales assistant said that it was "any 5 50 percent off sale items." I pointed out to her and hre manager and anyone else who happened to be listening that when the sign says "Any 5 sale items", under English consumer law, they have to honour that or withdraw them all from
sale. No stipulations can be made unless so advertised. She paid £5 needless to say but it made me mad that other teenyboppers would have felt they had no choice but to put their items back or pay the price. So you go girl. And DO phone them and complain. They may value your custom so much that you get it free for a year....

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