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November 21, 2009



They're all the same! I have a friend - her and her hubby are both gastroenterologists... her little boy grabbed her hubby's silk boxer shorts after being washed and they became his "comfort blanket" and was called "biba". One day he cried because it had been washed and yelled "no Mummy, I wan't SMELLY biba!" which didn't sound too great being as they started life as boxers!


HA! I love this story! She can borrow Fischer's special blue blankets... they often smell mysteriously of pee! Although, I must say... he gets obsessed with me washing them, because he doesn't like them to be stinky or dirty. Plus he wipes his nose with them and drags them along the floor till they are covered in dog hair - so they definitely NEED to be washed often.

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